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The Brill Line Beer & Spirits is a friendly neighborhood bar that offers a wide selection of local and craft beers, with 24 rotating draught handles. The bar also offers a limited and approachable cocktail menu featuring the classics with some rotating specials. We have beer to go, and patrons can build-your-own six pack, or fill growlers to take home with them. There should be something for everyone at The Brill Line!

about us

Kell Duncan

Kell Duncan is born and raised in Phoenix, and is a 5th generation member of an Arizona farming family and the son of active philanthropists, Kell is well-acquainted with the value of putting your heart into your work and the collaborative spirit that building a community requires.  He has made it his life’s work to blend his community ideals with the vibrance of urban culture to create an environment that fosters the values of the future. With a background in real estate he aims to bring unique and creative concepts to the greater Phoenix Metro area, and hopes to build on the growth that the Downtown Phoenix area has seen over the recent years.

Hartley Rodie

Hartley Rodie is the founder and managing partner of local hot spots Gringo Star Street Bar and The Montauk, Hartley Rodie has showcased his ability to meet market needs with creative and fresh concepts. Through these businesses, Hartley has also proven his knack for efficiency and finding ways to maximize business profit. His success comes with humility and a true desire to learn from both peers and employees through his journey. Rodie has shown eagerness to see other small businesses achieve their goals and is driven by the idea of inspiring others to follow their passion. A community leader, Hartley encourages social responsibility through his own example. He believes that connecting young people with local arts and business will lead to greater city pride and a larger sense of responsibility to help those in need.